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論文主題 作者 論文題目 發表
能源與環境工程 Kai-Wei Zhuang, Chun-Yen Chen, Jo-Shu Chang Using basic oxygen furnace slag (BOFS) as the supplement for the cultivation of indigenous marine microalgae EE007 國立成功大學
Hsieh C. L.(謝錦隆)*, Lin K. F.(林金福), Lee C. Y. (李其源), Liu Y. M.(劉芸旻) The Study on Internal Structure Monitoring of Flow Battery System EE030 行政院原子能委員會核能研究所
Shu-Chi Wu (吳澍齊), Cheng-Hsien Yang (楊正賢) and Jeng-Kuei Chang (張仍奎)* Hydrogenated TiO2 for sodium-ion battery anodes EE041 國立中央大學
Chen Y.C. (陳彥橋), Chen C.M. (陳志銘)* Study of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells with Blocking Layer EE064 中興大學
Liu C.T. (劉靜庭), Chiang S.J.(江淑媜), Liu Y.L.(劉英麟)* Crosslinkable Polymeric Coatings on Filter and Absorbent Substrates for Effective Oil/Water Separation EE088 國立清華大學
電化學技術 Huang S.S. (黃聖翔), Weng Y.T. (翁郁婷), Chuang C.H. (莊忠憲), Lee J.F. (李志甫), and Wu N.L. (吳乃立)* Novel Ti4O7/MnO2 Pseudocapacitive Composite for High Energy Density Supercapacitors EC016 國立台灣大學
Bing-Huang Jiang , and Chih-Ping Chen * The effect of conjugated side chains on photovoltaic performance of Indacenodithiophene-based low-bandgap conjugated polymers EC035 明志科技大學
Huang Y.W.(黃昱維), Cheng J.H.(鄭如翔), Lin M.H.(林明憲), Su W.N.(蘇威年), and  Hwang B.J.(黃炳照)* Improving Capacity and Stability by Multifunctional Binder for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries EC054 國立台灣科技大學
Ye J.W(葉哲瑋), Wu C.H.(吳志鴻),and Lin C.W.(林啟文)*), Enhancing benzene removal and electricity production from contaminated groundwater using tandem microbial fuel cells EC078 國立雲林科技大學
Liu Y.C, Su Y.M., Huang W.C., Kuo Y.L. and Lin S.D. {441} Faceted Trisoctahedral Gold Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Superior Electrocatalytic Performance for H2O2 and NADH Sensing EC107 行政院原子能委員會核能研究所
材料在化工的應用 Shih-Ting Luo(羅士庭), Chien-Fu Lin (林建甫), Ya-Sen Sun(孫亞賢)* Nitrogen-enriched carbons fabrication and application on surface enhanced Raman scattering substrate CM010 中央大學
Chia-Hao Chang(張家豪), Yu-Heng Deng(鄧有衡), Kuo-Lun Tung(童國倫) and Kevin C.-W. Wu(吳嘉文)* Interfacial synthesis of ceramic supported ZIF membrane for pervaporation dehydration of alcohols CM034 國立台灣大學
Hsu C.W.(許展瑋), and Lu S.Y(呂世源)* p-NiO/n-TiO2 Nanorod Array for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performances CM065 國立清華大學
Wu P.Y. (吳珮瑜), Chen C.M. (陳志銘*), Lin C.H. (林慶炫*) Interfacial characterizations of an electroless nickel layer on polyimide film CM072 國立中興大學
Jing-He Lai (賴靜荷)、Ci-Da Li (李棋達) and Bo-Tau Liu (劉博滔)* Study on the morphology of the metallic nanowires through the drying process CM114 國立雲林科技大學
綠色化工技術及程序系統工程 Yeh C.K.(葉竣凱), and Lee H.Y.(李豪業)* Polystyrene Grade Transition Problem by Using Model Predictive Control Approach GP015 國立台灣科技大學
Chen J.L.(陳君霖), Lu Y.S.(盧彥劭), Lee H.Y.(李豪業) Simulation and Analysis of Chemical Looping Processes to Produce Hydrogen with CH4 Fuel GP023 國立台灣科技大學
Zheng-Sheng Lu (盧正笙), Jialin Liu (劉佳霖)*, Ding-Sou Chen (陳丁碩) Minimization of Heat Requirement for Regenerating Aqueous Ammonia and Washing Water in CO2 Capture GP033 東海大學
觸媒及反應工程 Jyun-Yi Yeh, Yu-Yuan Huang and Chia-Wen Wu* De novo synthesis of Cr-embedded MOF-199 and
derived CuCr2O4/CuO porous composites for enhanced phenol hydroxylation
CR018 國立臺灣大學
Liu Y.C.(劉祐誠), Nachimuthu S., Yu C.H.(俞承宏), Jiang J.C.(江志強) and Lin S.D.(林昇佃)* Low/Mid-Temperature C-H Activation of CH4: Experiments and Density Functional Theory Calculations CR021 國立台灣科技大學
生化與生醫 Chao Y.W. (趙尹維), Kuo Y.C. (郭勇志)* Antiproliferation of malignant brain tumor cells using nanocarriers containing melanotransferrin antibody BC004 中正大學
Po-Ming CHEN (陳柏銘), Wen-Yu PAN (潘玟伃), Yi-Hsuan TSAI (蔡佾軒), Yu-Rong WU (伍昱融), Hsing-Wen SUNG (宋信文)* An NIR-Absorbing Nanoparticle System Loaded with TLR-7/8 Ligand for Combinational Photothermal Immunotherapy BC037 國立清華大學
Lyu S.W. (呂紹瑋), Chao L. (趙玲)* Using Hypoosmotic Pressure to Obtain Native Plasma Membrane Vesicles from Cells BC047 國立臺灣大學
He G.Y. (何國淵), Lin Y.K. (林育楷), Chen M.C.(陳美瑾)* Hyaluronic acid microneedles containing PLGA micro-particles as a dual-drug transdermal delivery system for long-term treatment of osteoporosis BC082 國立成功大學
Hsieh M. H. (謝孟軒), Huang C. C. (黃玠誠), Hu H. Y. (胡心禕), Wei H. J. (魏晧智), Lin K. J. (林昆儒), Wu S. Y. (吳淞鎰), Chang Y. (張燕), Sung H. W.(宋信文) Exogenous Delivery of Hydrogen Sulfide by DATS-loaded PLGA Microparticles for the Treatment of Ischemic Disease BC104 清華大學
Jing Xiang Huang, Yi-Je Juang* Elimination of side-wall effect for particle/cell alignment in standing surface acoustic wave microfluidics TP023 成功大學
Hsiao K.H.(蕭凱鴻), Chao L.(趙玲) Using Magnetic Field to Purify Membrane Proteins in Supported Cell Plasma Membranes TP042 台灣大學
熱力及界面工程 Hong-Li Wang , Yi-Chen Chen  , Tung-Yu Tsai  and De-Hao Tsai* Noble metal-TiO2 Hybrid Nanoparticle Clusters and the Interaction to Proteins for Photo-catalysis in Aqueous Environments TS012 國立清華大學
Chung W.Y. (鐘婉瑜), Liao Y.C.(廖英志)* Synthesis of Silver Nanoplates with Large Lateral Size TS029 國立台灣大學
Ming-Yi Chang(張名熠), Ching-Kuan Wang(王靜寬), and Chih-Chen Hsieh(謝之真)* Using Brownian Dynamics to Simulate the Spontaneous Unravelling of DNA on Lipid Bilayers TS047 國立台灣大學


作者 論文題目 發表
能源與環境工程 Chang C.L.(張鈞量)*, Hwang C.S. (黃振興), Tsai C.H. (蔡俊煌), Yang S.F. (楊昇府), Wu M.H.(吳明修) and Cheng-Yun Fu C.Y.(傅正允) Proton-Conducting Metal-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Manufactured by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying EE004 行政院原子能委員會核能研究所
Li C.W.(黎巧薇), Liu I.P.(劉一平) and Lee Y.L.(李玉郎)* Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Employing a Cobalt Complex Electrolyte for Indoor Light Application EE010 國立成功大學
陳名彥、黃信哲、吳采晏、洪逸明* Effect of microwave co-precipitation method on the structural, electrochemical properties of 0.4Li2MnO3.0.6LiMn1/3Ni1/3Cox1/3O2 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries EE052 元智大學
Wu Y. (吳悠), Fu G.Y.(傅冠穎) and Jan J.S.(詹正雄)* Flame Retarded Quasi-Solid Polyelectrolyte Comprising Ionic liquid and Carbonate For Lithium-Ion Batteries EE054 國立成功大學
Tsai K.A. (蔡鎧安), Hsu Y.J. (徐雍鎣), and Bai H.L. (白曛綾) Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx over MnFe Catalysts: Effect of Structural Support EE063 交通大學
Liu Z.W , Wu Y.N and Chen Y.S* Capture of Carbon Dioxide by a Mixture of Alkanolamine and Deep Eutectic Solvent in a Rotating Packed Bed EE056 中原大學
Sih-Hua Fu, Chih-Hung Wu, Chi-Wen Lin * Enhancement of gaseous ethyl acetate removal and electricity generation by installing small test-tube microbial fuel cells into biotrickling filter microbial fuel cell EE081 國立雲林科技大學
Chang J.W.(張哲瑋), Jeng U.S.(鄭有舜) and Lu S.Y.(呂世源)* Electrodeposition of Zirconium Selenide Decorated Cadmium Selenide Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting EE089 清華大學
電化學技術 Irish Valerie B. Maggay(馬艾利), Lyn Marie De Juan, Nguyen Thanh Mai, Tetsu Yonezawa(米澤徹) and Wei-Ren Liu(劉偉仁) High Performance ZnV2O4 as Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries EC003 中原大學
Fu S.X.(傅聖勛), Liu I.P.(劉一平), Wang C.T.(王振擇), Lee Y.L(李玉郎)* Adsorption Behavior and Electrochemical Characteristics of Alkylamine Molecules Self-Assembled on Au(111) Surface EC015 國立成功大學
Ssu-yu Lin, Tzu-Sen Su, Tsung-Yu Hsien, Tzu Chien Wei* Developing a Suitable TiO2 Electrodeposition Process for Vulnerable ITO-PEN for Efficient Plastic Perovskite Solar Cell EC025 國立清華大學
Lin W.J(林威志), Huang S.H.(黃詩翰), Lee K.M.*(李坤穆)* The photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar sub-module (100 cm2) under different light sources and light intensities EC037 國立中央大學
Yu-Chi Huang 1 and Tzi-Yi Wu 1,* Conjugated Polymer in Composite Counter Electrodes of DSSCs EC049 國立雲林科技大學
Su-Yang Hsu (許仕揚), Chien-Liang Lee (李建良)* Sonoelectrochemical preparation of graphene nanosheets:sodium n-octyl sulfate as intercalation agent and defective effect in sensing hydrogen peroxide EC063 國立高雄應用科技大學
Wu Zheng-Wei (吳政緯) Lee Chien-Liang* (李建良) Thready Pt-shell coated on Concave Pd nanocrystals: Syntheis and their electrocatalysis in oxygen reduction reaction EC064 國立高雄應用科技大學
Yang C.C, Chuang.Y.L Electrochemical performance of Li-rich oxide (Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2) composite cathode material doped with Ruthenium EC070 明志科技大學
*Yang-Yen Yu(游洋雁), Rih-Sheng Chiang(江日升)、Yang, Cheng-Huai(楊承淮) Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Perovskite Thin Films EC096 明志科技大學
Lui Y.H.劉彥亨 Tsai D.S.蔡大翔*  Lu T.Y.盧泰宇 Preparation and energy storage of the graphite dual cell with interdigitated planar electrodes EC104 台灣科技大學
材料在化工的應用 Cindy Mutiara Septani,Yen-Hsing Lu, Jiun-You Liou, Chien-Fu Lin and Ya-Sen Sun Electrocatalytic Activity of A Nitrogen-Enriched Mesoporous Carbon Framework and Its Hybrids with Metal Nanoparticles Fabricated Through The Pyrolysis of Block Copolymers CM013 National Central University
I-Jie Huang(黃以捷),Ya-Sen Sun*(孫亞賢), Wei-Hua Huang(黃偉華),Jiun-You Liou(劉峻佑), Yen-Hsing Lu(盧彥興),Kuo-Chih Shih(石國治),Chien-Fu Lin(林建甫) and Shao-Liang Cheng(鄭紹良) Conversion from self-assembled block copolymer nanodomains to carbon nanostructures with welldefined morphology CM014 國立中央大學
Lin Z.W.(林子偉), Hsieh C.T.* (謝建德), Hsiao M.L. (蕭銘諒) Tuning Photoluminscence Performance of Graphene Quantum Dots by Using Vapor-phase Cyclic Reduction System CM024 元智大學
Heng-Yu Chi (紀姮羽) and Dun-Yen Kang (康敦彥)* Direct deposition of zeolitic imidazolate framework thin films from stabilized suspensions CM040 國立臺灣大學
Huang K. M.(黃冠銘), Liao Y. C. (廖英志*), Yong Y.(雍颖琼), Tsukamoto H., Huang C. Y.(黃俊庸), Chiu H. L.(邱顯隆), and Yonezawa T. A Low Temperature Self-reducible Copper Ink for Direct Printed Conductive Thin Film Patterns CM055 國立臺灣大學
Chung C.C., Tang Y.K., Liu C.Y.* The study of heat dissipation system in AlN substrate CM063 國立中央大學
Wang W.W.(王文玟), Ye Q.(葉謙), and Lin Y.F.(林義峯)* Electrospinning Preparation of PDMS/PVDF nanofibrous Membranes for Membrane Contactor used for Carbon Dioxide Capture CM087 中原大學
Lin1 Y.J , Huang K.W. , Lin Y.F.* Prepration of metal coordination complex for Carbon Dioxide/Propylene Oxide Cycloaddition Reaction CM090 中原大學
Wu B.R.(吳柏融), Chang B.K.(張博凱)*) Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) in the Vapor Phase CM113 國立中央大學
Tsai Y.L. (蔡耀麟), Chang I.H. (張翊宣), Chen T.C. (陳祖啟), Chang H.M. (張弘明), Chung Y.C. (鍾宜君), Dow W.P. (竇維平)* and Hashimoto Y. (橋本康男) A Synthesis Approach of Cu Nanoparticles and Their Application on Electroless Cu Deposition CM119 國立中興大學
Wu J.X. (吳家興), Hsiao S.H. (蕭受惠), Tung C.C. (董建圻), and Chen H.I. (陳慧英)* Characterization of Self-Assembled 6-mercapto-1-hexanol Monolayer Functionalized Au/GaAs Schottky Diode for Sensing Ethanol Vapor:  Effect of Au Film Thickness CM132 國立成功大學
Yang P.C. (楊博智)*, Chou Y.S. (周郁姍), Chien Y.H. (簡約翰),  Lin D.E. (林代恩) and Lin C.H. (林承翰) Synthesis and Multifunctional Chemosensory Properties of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Substituted Polyfluorene CM098 元智大學
綠色化工技術及程序系統工程 Hsuan Hsuan Wu, Shih-Hong Hsu and Tsair Wang Chung* Preliminary study on the hydrolysis of peanut protein to peptide by using microwave digest system GP006 中原大學
Tseng L.-H. (曾俐華) and Lee J.-Y. (李瑞元)* Design and Scheduling of Hybrid Power Systems GP012 國立臺北科技大學
Lin J.C.(林瑞麒), Cheng Y.H.(鄭逸弘), and Hwang S.H.(黃世宏)* Stability Diagrams for Robust Optimal Design of Run-to-Run Control Subject to Metrology Delay GP011 成功大學
Jian Y.S.(簡元祥), Lin Y.W.(林逸偉), Jeng J.C.(鄭智成)* Data-Driven Nonlinear Control Design: An Extended VRFT Method Based on Block-Oriented Modeling GP020 國立台北科技大學
Lin K.H.(林耿賢), Lai T.Y.(賴梓溢), and Wu W(吳煒)* Exergy Analysis and Economic Evaluation of Hydrogen Production System Using Cu-Cl Thermochemical Cycle GP031 國立成功大學
觸媒及反應工程 Chen Y.R.(陳宥儒),Chen C.K.(陳勁愷),Chen B.H.(陳炳宏)* Study on Catalyzed Etherification of Polyglycerol with Zeolite ZSM-5 and LTA CR002 國立成功大學
Lin C.Y.(林致遠), Chou F.C.(周芳群), Lu Y.F.(盧羿甫), Lee F.C.(李富正), Tsai D.H.(蔡德豪) Synergistic Catalysis of Methane Combustion using Cu-Ce-O Hybrid Nanoparticles with High Activity and Operation Stability CR009 國立清華大學
Huang Y.C. (黃彥禎), Liu S.P. (劉思屏), and  Lee T.C.(李岱洲)* Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from SiO2@ZnIn2S4 Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal Method CR013 國立中央大學
Kuo-Tseng Li* (李國禎), Juan-Ying Li (李俊穎) and Hsin-Huey Li (李昕蕙) Conversion of Glycerol to Lactic Acid over Cu-Zn-Al and Copper Chromite Catalysts CR015 東海大學
生化與生醫 Lin T.A. (林則安), Lin J.C. ((林睿哲)*) Synthesis of Sulfonated SEPS and its characteristics of hemocompatibility and cytotoxicity BC005 國立成功大學
LU Y.L.(呂盈霖),Tsai S.L.(蔡伸隆)* Utilize an elastin-like polypeptide tag for capturing Outer membrane vesicles BC016 國立台灣科技大學
Yi Liu Fabrication of Gelatin-Based Adhesives with Various Crosslinking Mechanism BC097 國立臺灣大學
Chiu J.Y.(邱俊諺), Kuo C.Y.(郭哲宇) and Lin C.C.(林其昌)* Study of gellan gum/gamma-polyglutamic acid and glycerol composited membrane for guide bone regeneration BC107 東海大學
Kuok W.K. (郭偉琪), Chen S.Y. (陳薪元), Wu C.W. (吳嘉文)* Synthesis of alginate-cysteine modified gold nanorods for photothermal therapy of oral cancer BC027 國立臺灣大學
Ku-Yu Xieh(謝焸彧), Chang-Zhi Lin(林昶志), Chao-Ling Yao((姚少凌)*) The Cross Effect of Co-Culture of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Endothelial Progenitor Cells on Aligned Polyhydroxyalkanoate Scaffold and Their Application for Blood Vessel Tissue Engineering BC042 元智大學
Tsai C.C. (蔡景丞), Chen H.Y. (陳信宇), Yu J.S. (游佳欣)* Human Adipose Stem Cell Spheroid Forming on Glycol Chitosan and Gelatin Hydrogel BC044 國立台灣大學
Shiang-Ting Weng.(翁湘婷)‚ Ching-Yun Chen.(陳靖昀), Jui-Sheng Sun.(孫瑞昇), Hsu-Wei Fang.(方旭偉)*‚ Feng-Huei Lin.(林峯輝)* Using Preformed Ca-Alginate Scaffolds to Form Human Bone-like Tissues in Continuous Bioreactor System BC045 國立台北科技大學
Su-Chun How, Chien-Ting Li, Chun-Hsien Lo, Min-Chih Chun, Chih-Kai Chang, Wei-An Chen, Josephine W. Wu,*, and Steven S.-S. Effects of Glycation on Human γD-Crystallin Proteins by Different Glycation-Inducing Agents BC088 國立台灣大學
輸送現象及其應用國際研討會 Chih-Yuan Lin (林志原), Li-Hsien Yeh (葉禮賢)*, Shiojenn Tseng (曾琇瑱), Jyh-Ping Hsu (徐治平)* Ion Transport in a Nanopore Modified with Bipolar Polyelectrolyte Brushes TP025 臺灣大學
Hsu Y.C. (許祐誠), Chih M.H. (池孟修), Lee H.L. (李宏霖), and Lee T. (李度)*) The culprit of gout: triggering factors and formation of monosodium urate monohydrate TP037 國立中央大學
Yi-Rui Chen (陳奕叡), Chien-Hua Chen (陳建樺), Tian-Shiun Huang (黃田薰), Chia-Chieh Ko (柯家傑), and Kuo-Lun Tung* (童國倫) A New Family of High-Performance Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes TP057 國立臺灣大學
Chen T.M. (陳子明), Tung K.L. (童國倫), Wu C.W. (吳嘉文), Wu C.S. (吳紀聖) Enhancing Pre-esterification of Biodiesel Process by Pervaporation TP059 國立台灣大學
熱力及界面工程 U-Ting Chiu(邱鈺婷), Ling Chao(趙玲)* Using a Light-Driven Proton Pump Protein to Develop an Reduction–Oxidation Reaction Cell TS014 國立臺灣大學
Yu-Ching Su, Chia-Chi Chang, Yu-Ting Wang and Chien-Hsiang Chang* Fabrication and Physical Stability Control of Novel Catanionic Vesicles TS019 成功大學
Chen K.Y.(陳昆佑), Huang F.Y.(黃楓引) , and Chiu C.C.(邱繼正)* Cholesterol Effects on Water Permeability through Rigid Ion Pair Amphiphile Bilayers TS022 成功大學
Lin C.Y. (林政佑), Wu C.J. (吳權璋), Sheng Y.J. (諶玉真), Tsao H.K. (曹恆光)* Wetting Behavior and Bubble Motion on a Nanofiltration Membrane Immersed in Water TS036 國立中央大學
Wu C.J. (吳權璋), Sheng Y.J. (諶玉真), Tsao H.K. (曹恆光)* Hysteresis-free Behavior of a Water Droplet Containing Solutes with Ethylene Oxide Groups on the Sulfobetaine Surface TS049 國立中央大學
Hsieh M.L., Chou M.H., and Chiang A.S.T.* Wear-resistant and transparent film with easy-cleaning surface on glass TS057 中央大學